Some of my personal favorite resources include:

The Essential Life book 

Essential Oils & Emotions

Modern Essentials



Below you will find a compilation of my favorite online resources that I share with new and old oilers a like. The world of essential oils is large and can be overwhelming, so having a good source of quality information is key to get everything out of your oil experience! 


doTERRA's Science Blog

Keep up to date with all the exciting research doTERRA performs on essential oil usage and safety


Source to You

Have doTERRA's testing at your finger tips. Using the lot number on the bottom of your bottles you can look up full test results of that exact batch 



Browse through numerous oil DIY recipes for all your household needs!


doTERRA University

A place for you to find new and updated education about useful and impactful ways to implement, share, and use these essential oils to improve your life, help your friends and family, and build your business


the Dog oiler

For all things oils and pets, I love referencing the Dog oiler to double check that what I'm using around or on my animals is safe