For the longest time, I had wanted something greater to come of my desire to share the things I'm most passionate about. Although I enjoyed sharing my love for doTERRA and essential oils through one on ones, intimate living room classes, and my FB groups, I wanted something more. I wanted to create a space where it wasn't about orchestrated social media posts and perfectly worded write ups (although this sounds like one of those doesn't it). Somewhere my posts could sometimes get messy, be unorganized but full of heart because hey, that's what life often is. I was struggling to find my "brand", what I wanted to become known as. It took a few classes of being introduced as "everyone meet Kylie my blonde oiling friend" and comments like "thanks to my little blonde oiler here I've found the world of essential oils"

and, the Blonde oiler was born.

In all honesty I always figured it would be something more "creative", but my friends kept referring to me as their little blonde oiler. When I tossed that idea to the universe, my husband searched claimed domains and what!? the Blonde oiler hadn't been taken? In fact, it wasn't anywhere, no domain space, FB, Twitter, Insta, nowhere! In my madness to be creative, the most simple name I could have possibly found by simply listening to my people and NO ONE ELSE had thought of it before me? Maybe I'm more creative then I thought ;)  

My love language is sharing with others, and I want my doTERRA passion to reach heights that I can't even imagine. Here you are welcome to join me while I live, love, and share on everything plus essential oils


My name is Kylie, and I was born in Prince George, BC, Canada. I was raised here, went to school here, met my amazing husband here and have continued to build my life and oil tribe here! Myself, Jesse and my step daughter Paisley live on a 1200 acre farm out West of the city where we raise and train our own AQHA performance horses, have 4 dogs (4 too many some days, HAH) and love to be outdoors.

In the summer months we spend our weekends either on the road barrel racing all over the province, at our family lake house or at home outside (doing alllll the chores the farm consists of). I am from a family of 5, the oldest sibling of 3 girls, and hubby being the oldest of 4 siblings. Family has always been a big part of our life and we are very close with ours! 

I've used and loved essential oils since I was a late teen, I was first introduced to them and used them on my horses, which in turn grew into a mad passion that spread into my home and everyday life. When I found doTERRA nearly a year ago, I fell in love with the company as a whole. Not just their high quality oils, but their ethical standards, constant desire to better themselves and never ending support they provided their oilers. I had used oils for many years at that point but had never experienced such rich culture like doTERRA's. Here I am, a year later (it's currently March 2018) a Gold leader with the company with my very own oily tribe of 195 women and men that is growing by the day! Not only are my people my business partners but have become some of my greatest friends and mentors as we continue to learn, grow and share it all with everyone we meet. I am SO happy to have you here, and thankful you were willing to read to the end of this post, and maybe just maybe you will join our oily family in the near future!