TBO #2 - Life balance

I've been asked a lot lately from other momma's, biz owners and fellow entrepreneurs how to do all the things. All the things that life, work and running your own business entails and how I still manage time with my family. First of all, key words there, manage time. I'll admit I used to live on my phone the moment I was off work, coaching my builders, answering questions, following leads, engaging my cold market, and the list goes on. It put stress on my kiddo and hubby, they were getting sick of me always having my phone in my back pocket. 

I've realized time is worth a lot more then one would think! This balance can be extremely difficult, but with the right tools, we all can be successful AND still enjoy downtime with friends and family. 

What I've learned is this. 

Set yourself up with time slots that you dedicate certain things to. I work 4 days a week in my "regular" career in the dental industry, so am up way before anyone else in the house and leave home right as they are waking up. So the night before, I make sure my kiddos bag is packed for school, her lunch is made, and all Dad has to do in the morning is make sure she goes to school dressed and in a coat 🙌 my mornings are me time, my routine is very minimal as I don't have a lot of personal "prep" to do so I guess that's a bonus, but I will answer questions I may have gotten late night after I had gone to bed, if I have something to post for the day I try to do it first thing so it's there and available when the rest of the world wakes up. I login and check my org and see where my tribe is and how close I am to my next move. Then I climb in my truck, turn on my favourite podcast and head into town. 

Fast forward to the evening. When you come home, how many of you are on your phone, or computer the moment you step in the door? 🤚 guilty as charged. I was terrible for this. Now, when I get home (if I get home before everyone else which is rarely but sometimes) I will do whatever work I can UNTIL those two walk in the door. Then, phone gets put down until bedtime. Between 430-8, it's family time. Now granted, I am still working on this and still find myself answering messages during these hours, but I'm getting better at it! I get dinner made, we sit at the table and eat together, usually go downstairs and fire out a few practice runs of Pais gymnastics routine, finish up any homework and practice spelling words, then get ready for bed.  Once she's in bed, hubby gets comfy on the couch and I sit at the laptop, often beside him, and take care of whatever my business needed from me for that day. I'll love on my team, answer questions best I can if my girls need help, respond to outside leads who may be quizzing me on enrolment details or looking for introductory information. Hubby knows that this business takes time, and effort, and having a partner who understands this is crucial. Now, I'll admit he wasn't always like this until those sweet paychecks started coming in and he realized this was actually a thing 😉

Of course, every day is different from the last, and sometimes exceptions need to be made. When I get in a bulk order of roller balls or find myself stuck in a mound of teaching literature that I need to seperate and get organized so I can deliver to my team, I'll admit I start before 8PM bedtime. But, instead of locking myself in my office and leaving everyone else in the house to do their own thing, I'll spread it out on the kitchen table, and incorporate my family into my task. One of the greatest struggle a Mom who runs her own business will feel heavy about is the time it takes away from her kids. Even though we are chasing the dream of being home 24/7 for them, and for many that's what this is all about, it can still make you feel guilty for maybe not sitting on the floor with them to okay Barbie's or cars for half an hour before bed. So what I do when I find my time is being demanded a little extra by my biz? I include Paisley in it. Last night I had a ton of tear pads and sheets from a bulk order of learning resources I had to go through and organize into everyone's individual orders. So, Pai grabbed a marker, and excitedly helped me label everyone's packages. I wrote out all the names and she wrote, ever so carefully, everyone's names on their bags and took great pride in her work. She helped me stack and organize the pads by their names, she loved reading everyone's orders and figuring out what went where, and her and I spent a solid half hour together before bed serving my biz AND spending time together. I thanked her endlessly for her help, complimented her on her neat riding, and  made sure she knew how much I appreciated her gesture of really wanting to help. What's really neat is not only does this help teach her simple life skills BUT it also shows her the value to what I'm doing. She loves to tell people we meet that I help people live a healthier life, she thinks it's so cool that I get to "teach" about oils, that I have an oil family that she is a part of too. She takes pride in my doTERRA business, heck she knows most of the ranks in order off the top of her head, LOL. She shares my vision of being Diamond one day (she's 8, not sure if she really understands what that truly entails but I can't wait for the day she finds out!)

. I hope this post didn't get away from the original conversation but I just wanted to share how I find that balance in my work life and home life, without putting any certain thing aside to make room for the other. Everyone's story and day will look different, but if you value your time and actually delegate when and where you will spend your energy, you will find you have a lot more of it at the end of your day. 😊

Hugs and love friends 💜