TBO #1



Numero UNO! 

Eeek, here she goes, my first blog post! I'll admit I thought it would be somewhat romantic, you know sitting on my porch drinking a coffee watching the horses graze (who am I kidding, it's January in Canada, so dead of winter) or in a bubble bath with a glass of wine (the really cheap white girl wine as that's the only wine I'll drink HAH!). But no, here I am in the Triple O's parking lot mowing down a lettuce burger after work because I've got a last minute oil class starting in an hour 😅 (there may or may not be yam fries in the cup holder)

I wanted to hop on here real quick and just recognize my team. 8 months ago I started this business with a vision, a vision of great change and prosperity in not only my own life but everyone I met along the way. I'm so thankful to have met the girls that I now call my friends and dōsisters. One of my builders messaged me yesterday asking if I could sub in for her class the next day (tonight) because her sweet little princess made her way into the world a little early! Of course I jumped in and said of course, not to worry I'll handle it. What's really cool is the lady hosting is someone I personally sampled before I had even 5 people on my team! Now here I am, full circle hosting a class for her months and months later because she's fallen in love with the oils and is a family friend of one of my top builders 🙏  my builder completely trusted me to step in and help her knowing all her guests would be in good hands and any enrolments that came from this class would go right on her front line. And you know what's cool? I know in a heart beat she'd do the same for me. The family that Team Discover is and is growing to be is so important to me, and as I sit here stuffing my face knowing I'm not going to make it home until well after 8 tonight I wouldn't trade it for the world. The effort and love these girls are pouring into their little teams which in turn become part of our greater family is inspiring. If that baby hadn't have made her appearance my girl Christy would be there a million weeks pregnant ready to fill that living room with love! I don't have time to reread this so hopefully it makes sense, but I'm just super thankful for all my girls right now and all they are pouring into their dōTERRA businesses and the greater good. Sharing our oily love one family at a time and being there for eachother is all I could ever ask for 💜 here's to you girls!