Join our tribe!

If you already love essential oils, or have yet to dive into the world of wellness, you've come to the right place! doTERRA's essential oils are some of the best in the world, if not THE best in my humble opinion, and there are many ways to get them into your hot little hands! Below are 3 ways you can do so, and in turn join my oily tribe and become a member of the family! Send us an email, or a message on FB and we can chat!


Retail Account

I always say friends don't let friends pay retail, but if your interested in trying an oil or two for something specific in your life and your just not quite sure what your going to think, you can simply order the oils of your choice and have them shipped directly to your door with a simple retail account! It is free to set up, and gives you access to nearly all of doTERRA's products at the click of a button.


Wholesale Membership

Now we are talking! A Wholesale membership gets you your oils at wholesale pricing, 25% off retail. It also gives you access to several learning groups with endless resources, FB live classes, webinars, and a spot in an ever growing, loving oiling community! You also gain access to my personal team, Team Discover, and all our resources.  Like a Costco card, there is a single annual fee to keep your membership open year after year. Choose from several incredible starter kits that come with a free membership, or simply pay the $42 CAD ($35 US) enrolment fee and add your individual desirables to your cart! 


Become a Wellness Advocate

Maybe you've loved essential oils for years, and stumbled across doTERRA whose culture and vibe speaks to you. If you dream of making a difference and want to share your passion and ever growing knowledge of essential oils, maybe owning your own doTERRA business would be something that peaks your interest and lights a fire in your heart. For the same cost as a Wholesale membership or choice of your preferred starter kit, as a Wellness Advocate you gain access to private doTERRA FB business groups where you can brainstorm and learn from doTERRA's top leaders, along with expanding your knowledge of essential oils through endless resources, FB live classes, webinars, seminars, doTERRA leadership retreats and convention! All the while building your own little team and bringing in a source of income that you can be proud of.